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Managing an owners corporation or your own building can be overwhelming – from fulfilling legal obligations to your tenants, to organsing routine and certified property maintenance.

Why stress about whether or not you'll receive a high quality job when you you have other, more important things on your mind?

Communication, punctuality and professionalism are fundamental principles of all LUX electricians, putting your mind at ease whenever your building requires upkeep. All works are carried out by certified and highly trained professionals, who are committed and passionate about customer satisfaction.

At Lux Electrical we promise to deliver the following:


As a Property Manager I have used Lux Electrical for many years to attend to all sorts of electrical issues.

Rob and the team always provide a great and reliable service and keep us up to date with a detailed report, often with photos that outline the work that has been completed and if any further work is required at the property.

Being constantly kept up to date with the process makes my job so much easier. Thank you Rob.

Hayley Ayerst

Property Manager Alex Scott & Staff Pty Ltd


Home Automation

Various appliances and devices in your home can be controlled automatically and remotely. Turning devices on or off, adjusing climate control intelligently and even unlocking your front door is possible thanks to the Internet of Things and home automation. Homes utilising these devices and appliances, which make use of an internet connection, are sometimes called smart homes or smart houses.

Automation is not strictly limited to your household, and it can also be implemented in your workplace. Improve the efficiency of your power at home or office with a certified and professional installation. Contact us if you want to setup your home or office today.


Switchboard Upgrades

Just bought a new home or office and have been left with an old Switchboard? Consider upgrading to a new, modern switchboard. Fuse boxes play a significant role in protecting your home or office from catastrophic electrical failure. Older fuse boards and switchboards have rewirable fuses which are made from ceramic - These are dangerous & don’t provide protection from electric shocks.

Upgrade your switchboards today with LUX Electrical and have peace of mind, knowing you will be protected from any switchboard related failures in the future


Testing & Tagging

Ensure the safety of portable electrical appliances. Testing and Tagging involves two phases: This first is visually inspecting an appliance for any damage, followed by testing it with a Portable Appliance Tester. Once tested, a tag verifying compliance, as well as the identity of the tester, the test date and when the next test is due, is affixed to the appliance.

Why should I Test & Tag my appliances? To ensure the safety of your employees in the workplace and your family in your home by minimising the risk of an electrical hazard.


Phone & Data

Building a new home or upgrading to the NBN can be such a hassle when WiFi just doesn't work. LUX Electrical can help you with these issue by installing ethernet cables throughout your home and supplying full speed from your modem. Proper cabling can lead to future-proofing your home for modern technologies and mitigating annoying Wifi drop-outs. Ask LUX Electrical for a quote and start getting the speeds your modem is capable of delivering.


Led Lighting

Want to save on energy costs but don't know where to start? LED Lighting is a great and easy upgrade that can net you significant savings, with very noticeable changes immediately. Set the mood of your home with an array of colour options from bright blue to warm orange.


Air Conditioning

Be comfortable all year by normalising your home's climate with an air conditioner installed by LUX Electrical. Unlike conventional heaters and fan, air conditioners are cheaper to run and keep the temperature exactly the way your family or employees want - without breaking the bank

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