Lux Electrical was established in 1999 and has steadily grown, building a reputation on reliability, quality and cost efficiency.

Lux Electrical: Expert Electrical Contractors in Melbourne

With over two decades of experience in serving Melbourne and its suburbs, Lux Electrical is undisputedly a prime provider of electrical services. As renowned electrical contractors in Melbourne, we remain committed to delivering reliable, cost-efficient, and high-quality electrical solutions.

Round-the-Clock Emergency Electrical Services

Emergencies are unpredictable, and when they involve electricity, they pose substantial risks. As dedicated electrical contractors operating in Melbourne, Lux Electrical has a well-formatted emergency electrical service setup.

Our seasoned technicians are always prepared to confront and handle any sudden electrical failure. Whether it be power failures, circuit overloads, or electrical faults, we respond quickly to all clients. We prioritise your safety, making certain to eliminate any potential hazards and restore your electrical system to excellent condition. We not only pledge to preserve your safety but also ensure to restore the electric system to outstanding conditions efficiently.

With essential electrical safety knowledge and the right tools, Lux Electrical’s emergency service technicians can swiftly rectify any hazardous situation, reducing the likelihood of any disastrous events.

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No matter what electrical work you require, Lux Electrical provides a level of service that will exceed your expectations.

We aim to supply a high quality and versatile service by providing an open and honest relationship with all of our clients.
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Lux Electrical provide all clients with a stress-free and professional solution for your electrical installation and maintenance requirements.

    How Lux Electrical Works?

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Electrical Contractors in Melbourne

    What is the expertise of Lux Electrical, one of the renowned electrical contractors in Melbourne?

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    Reviews from our clients
    Lloyd & Nathan arrived early onsite and did a great job here at Care Auto. They did a fantastic job and cleaned any mess that was made. Highly recommended these guys for your electrical needs.
    Con Melios
    The Lux Electrical team has the highest levels of customer service I have experienced with great customer support from beginning to end. The electrician who came to do our install was very professional, efficient, friendly and thorough. I Would highly recommend Lux!!!
    Meegan Phillips
    Thanks heaps lux electrical. Best electricians in Melbourne. Great service and great handy work. Josh was a pleasure to deal with.
    Chris Park
    The Lux Electrical team has the highest levels of customer service I have experienced with great customer support from beginning to end. The electrician who came to do our install was very professional, efficient, friendly and thorough. I Would highly recommend Lux Electrical.
    Jeremy Phillips
    Rob and his Team have been fantastic to deal with, anyone looking for a high quality great value electrician anywhere in Melbourne then this team is for you.
    John Millar
    Would certainly recommend Lux Electrical for home repairs & installation, they provided a professional service.
    Stephen Hovens
    Best service and always willing to fix anything they can. Always are the first people i call.
    Casey McDonald

    As a Property Manager I have used Lux Electrical for many years to attend to all sorts of electrical issues. Rob and the team always provide a great and reliable service and keep us up to date with a detailed report, often with photos that outline the work that has been completed and if any further work is required at the property. Being constantly kept up to date with the… more

    From Joint Decision
    VIC, Mel

    The Lux Electrical team has the highest level of customer service I have experienced with great customer support from beginning to end. The electrician who came to do our install was very professional, efficient, friendly and thorough.

    I would highly recommend Lux!!!

    Meegan Phillips
    VIC, Mel

    Skilled Electrical Installations Made Easy

    The spectrum of electrical installations encompasses everything from straightforward lighting fixtures to intricate electrical systems and automation. Lux Electrical, as a proficient electrical installation service provider in Melbourne, guarantees excellent workmanship executed with accuracy.

    Our expert electricians understand clients’ specific requirements and propose fitting solutions. Lux Electrical steadfastly adheres to the stringent AS/NZS standards, thus facilitating a safe and efficient installation process.

    Whether it’s a routine light fixture installation or a comprehensive wiring project, our team works with precision and care. Their skills and knowledge are continuously updated to ensure they are prepared to tackle all kinds of electrical installations, staying ahead in the fast-paced world of technology.

    Comprehensive Electrical Services Tailored to Your Needs

    Offering an extensive selection of electrical services, Lux Electrical caters to clients’ unique needs. Ranging from minor repairs to substantial rewiring projects, our team has amassed appreciable reciprocal experience and knowledge.

    Servicing the Melbourne CBD and it’s surrounding suburb for years, we understand local establishments’ unique needs and the city’s dynamic electricity demand. Our technicians deliver high-quality results for every task they undertake. Moreover, our commitment to providing efficient, stress-free service extends further to help families stay safe and comfortable in their homes

    Ensuring Your Electrical Installations Are Safe

    Electrical safety starts with the installation. However, it doesn’t end there. Determined to uphold the highest standards of safety, Lux Electrical emphasises the value of regular maintenance checks and timely repairs.

    Drawing upon their years of experience in our various services, our electrical contractors can conduct meticulous inspections of your installations. They will check for inefficiencies, potential risks, and necessary upgrades, helping you avoid unforeseen electrical problems and guaranteeing your system stays optimal for longer periods. Safety should never be compromised. Regular maintenance checks and timely repairs are essential to a safe electrical system. Use experienced electrical contractors to conduct thorough inspections and servicing of your installations. Insist on test results and reports for any maintenance and a Certificate of Electrical Safety (CoES) for any work conducted.

    Why Choose Lux Electrical as Your Electrical Contractors in Melbourne?

    Trusting Lux Electrical as your electrical contractors in Melbourne brings along several advantages:

    • Comprehensive Insurance: We hold comprehensive insurance coverage, adding an extra layer of security for our clients.
    • Certificate of Electrical Safety: Every job we undertake comes with the assurance of a certificate of electrical safety, affirming our commitment to high-quality standards.
    • AS/NZS Standard Compliance: Each service we offer complies with AS/NZS standards, establishing exceptional safety and reliability levels.
    • Proficient Technicians: Our amiable, trained, and well-groomed technicians are competent at their jobs and committed to creating a pleasant experience for our customers.
    • Clear Reports: To ensure transparency, we provide detailed reports outlining the work accomplished, enabling you to maintain a clear record of completed services.
    • Tailored to your needs

    Our knowledge, expertise, and dedication have made us an integral part of the fabric of Melbourne. We are always ready to provide a service that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. Contact us at 1300 950 589 for professional electrical maintenance and repair services today.

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