At Lux Electrical, our team of highly skilled commercial electricians across Frankston provide a high standard of electrical services for businesses of all sizes. We understand how critical it is for commercial establishments to have reliable electrical systems, providing a smooth operation of daily activities.

Comprehensive Commercial Electrical Services in Frankston

With almost two decades of experience in the industry, Lux Electrical can offer you diverse commercial electrical services. These include maintenance, emergency electrical situations, installation and repair. Whether you're concerned about the maintenance of your office's switchboards or require immediate response during electrical emergencies, we can help.

Our commercial electricians across Frankston are not limited to routine electrical safety checks, but complex projects like electrical installations, ensuring it's done according to Australian safety standards. We identify issues fast and offer a resolution that can avoid costly accidents.


Reliable Industrial Electrician Services in Carrum Downs

Lux Electrical extends its services to the industrial sector across Carrum Downs and other neighbouring regions. Our trained electrical technicians conduct detailed electrical inspections, identify potential issues, and undertake necessary repairs or replacements with compliance with AS/NZS standards.

Our industrial services aim to provide stress-free solutions to our clients. We understand that every industrial site differs in its electrical needs, so we tailor our services to meet your requirements.

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Emergency Electrical Services Across Frankston

Handling electrical emergencies requires immediate attention and this is where our emergency electrical services come in handy. Whether you’re across Mordialloc, Berwick or Springvale, our team is equipped to deal with any situation. We are known for our reliable emergency response, and our clients trust us because we provide comfort and safety.

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Tailoring Electrical Installations Across Frankston

At Lux Electrical, many commercial establishments across Frankston are unique, requiring unique electrical services. Our skilled electricians tailor electrical installation services to align with your business needs. Ranging from custom services, power point installation to complex rewiring and system upgrades, our team always maintains quality, safety, and efficiency.

How to Choose a Commercial Electrician in Frankston?

When looking for a commercial electrician in Frankston, important factors to consider include experience, services offered, compliance with safety standards, and emergency service availability. It’s also important for the electrician to be Fully Insured and can provide a Certificate of Electrical Safety.

Why Choose Lux Electrical as Your Commercial Electrician in Frankston?

When entrusting your electrical needs to us, we always offer reliability, efficiency and quality. Our reputation is built on:

  • Offering comprehensive electrical services
  • Compliance with AS/NZS standards
  • Team of experienced and licensed electricians
  • Efficient, stress-free service delivery
  • Proactive issue identification
  • Custom services for commercial clients
  • Reliable emergency responses

Choose Lux Electrical for all your commercial electrical service needs in Frankston for a seamless, stress-free experience.

To learn more about our services or to book an appointment, contact us today. Let us show you the Lux Electrical difference!


Frequently Asked Questions for Commercial Electrician in Frankston

What services does Lux Electrical offer as a commercial electrician across Frankston?

Lux Electrical offers a broad range of commercial electrical services in Frankston, including maintenance, emergency response, installation, and repair, as well as complex projects like electrical installations. We always follow Australian safety standards.

Do you have experience working on commercial electrical installations in Frankston?

Yes, Lux Electrical has nearly two decades of experience in the industry specialising in commercial electrical services across Frankston and surrounding suburbs. Our services range from power point installation to complex rewiring and system upgrades.

How does Lux Electrical handle emergency situations as a commercial electrician in Frankston?

Lux Electrical is equipped to handle any kind of emergency electrical situations quickly and efficiently. Our team is trained and well-prepared to provide safety and convenience to all clients during emergency situations.

How can I be sure that Lux Electrical is a reliable choice for a commercial electrician in Frankston?

Lux Electrical has a solid reputation for providing efficient, stress-free service delivery in Frankston. We comply with AS/NZS standards, have a team of experienced and licensed electricians, and provide proactive issue identification, making us a reliable choice for your commercial electrical needs.

Are Lux Electrical's services as a commercial electrician in Frankston customisable to meet my business's unique requirements?

Absolutely, at Lux Electrical, we understand that every commercial establishment in Frankston is unique in its electrical needs. Our skilled electricians customise electrical installation services to align with your specific business needs.

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